Friday, July 19, 2013

PayTech's Mobile POS now available for Android OS

PayTech aims to continue the expansion of mobile payments in the Caribbean and Latin America region by growing the use of its PayPocket mPOS solution in other countries. PayPocket has been available for Apple iOS devices since early 2013 and now the Android version is available on Google Play Store for merchants in Puerto Rico and Continental USA. PayPocket's fee structure is designed to be affordable for small and medium merchants who need to close a sale "on the go" although there have been brick and mortar businesses that have adopted it as well. Current pricing is a straightforward 2.50% + 0.20 cents per Visa, Mastercard and Discover transactions and a $6.95 monthly fee. PayPocket has full online reporting and the swiper is provided free to the merchant.

"We are becoming the fastest growing mobile payments processor in our market and the only one that is bank neutral. 90% of our merchants had never accepted credit cards before and our cost structure and simplicity of use is right on target to grow our market share. At PayTech we are definitely set on redefining merchant services in Puerto Rico. We are freeing merchant services as the Puerto Rican market has known them and giving merchants the liberty to choose how they want to process and where they want their funds deposited." said Candido Alfonso, CEO.

PayTech is a full service solution and transaction processing provider for businesses of all sizes that want to accept mobile, phone, ecommerce, recurring and remote deposit payments. PayTech's gateway is certified to the five largest credit card companies in the US and is also expanding its processing capabilities into the Latin America region. 

In 2012 Paytech purchased a payment processing company in Texas and is able to serve and process for businesses in the Continental US with Hispanic owned businesses being its main target due to its fully bilingual staff.


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