Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sol Puerto Rico Limited Reaffirms Its Exclusivity with Shell in Puerto Rico

The Sol Group and Sol Puerto Rico Limited, the exclusive distributor of Shell Fuels in Puerto Rico, announced the renewal of their licensing contract for the use of the Shell brand in Puerto Rico for another ten years. According to the companies, the contract confirms the close collaboration and the commitment of the Shell Group and Sol P.R. to their clients in Puerto Rico.
Under the new agreement, Sol P.R. will have the exclusive right to continue to use the Shell brand in Puerto Rico for another 10 years through its network of Shell branded service stations.
The agreement also guarantees the continued availability in Puerto Rico of the Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines, considered a “Top Tier” certified gasoline (“Top Tier Detergent Gasoline”). The “Top Tier Detergent Gasoline Standard” was developed and certified by the principal automobile manufacturers in the world (among these, General Motors, Toyota, Honda, BMW, Volkswagen and Audi) to meet the most exacting needs of modern automotive engines which subject valves and fuel injectors of a motor to extreme temperature and pressure. Shell Regular and Shell Premium V-Power Gasolines have been successfully tested and certified as “Top Tier” gasolines. Furthermore, Shell V-Power has the highest concentration of Shell’s unique patented cleaning system.
“Honoring Sol P.R.’s mission and vision, we offer the Puerto Rican consumer technology and innovation by providing the highest quality fuels developed through Shell’s leadership in global technology”, noted Darío Amadeo Cedó, General Manager for Sol P.R. “We also recognize the trust and comfort we provide our clients through the support of a local professional management team that has first hand knowledge of the Puerto Rico market and through our island-wide network of service stations and other local support functions such as marketing, engineering and environmental protection”, concluded Amadeo Cedó.
The opportunities offered by this new agreement between Sol and Shell will provide further benefit through the considerable investment to be made in a new makeover of the Shell service stations in the Island known as Shell’s “Retail Visual Identity Evolution” or “RVI-E”. RVI-E imparts a refreshing and contemporary image to each service station that is consonant with Shell’s position of leadership in the market. The redesigned service stations will optimize the information and communication process with the consumer by simplifying and modernizing its design elements. This makeover will be carried out in several phases and will commence in December of this year.
The new agreement also strengthens the exclusive and unique opportunities offered by Shell to its retail partners. Among these, is the Operational Excellence Program, known as “People Make the Difference Real” of (“PMTDR”). This program offers Shell service station retailers actionable guidelines to achieve excellence in the operation of their service station and in their service to clients through on-going evaluations and training. Furthermore, this program recognizes and rewards those retailers with the best performance, and also provides retailers in Puerto Rico the opportunity to measure themselves against Shell retailers in other countries around the world.


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