Friday, October 5, 2012

Metro Appoints Editor-in-Chief and Commercial Director in Puerto Rico

Metro Puerto Rico announced the appointment of Aiola Virella and Felix Ivan Caraballo as Editor-in-Chief and Commercial Director respectively for the Island's operation. With these two appointments, Metro gets ready for the launch of the world's largest international newspaper in the Puerto Rican market during the month of October.
"I feel honored to be the Editor in Chief for Metro Puerto Rico. It is a company that knows and understands 'Metropolitans' (young, urban, active, modern and busy people). From this position, I will bring my experience to the table to generate interesting and high quality content for our Puerto Rican readers. Backed by a team of world class reporters, we will position the island's happenings in a local and global context," said Virella, who has over 17 years of journalism experience and has worked in radio and newspaper in several positions, including as a reporter, news editor, editor in chief and more recently as executive director for a local newspaper.
Caraballo, the new Commercial Director, has had an ascending career that has taken him from being a media buyer to sales management and administration positions. Caraballo has worked as media supervisor, sales account executive and senior sales vice president for a local newspaper. He also has over 17 years of experience in a variety of media outlets including radio, print, magazines and TV.
"Metro is a tool that will really bring Puerto Rican brands to another level. It is all about innovation and creativity to provide communication solutions for our advertisers to connect with their clients. That's where Metro is the true expert thanks to their global experience. With the quality and professionalism of the local team, I'm thrilled to be able to deliver that to the Puerto Rican clients as well," said Caraballo.
"We are very pleased with the appointment of these two seasoned professionals with ample backgrounds and deep knowledge of the local media market. With their leadership, they will both make extraordinary contributions to the growth and success of Metro Puerto Rico," said Johanna Oeberg, Executive Vice President and Global Commercial Director.
Metro's launch is scheduled in October with distribution Monday-Friday. The newspaper's sections will cover culture, sports, fashion, technology and many others. For more information on Metro, please access to find issues distributed in 23 countries around the globe.


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