Thursday, March 22, 2012

Evertec and Discover Partner to Offer Signature-Based Debit Cards

Discover and EVERTEC signed an agreement that provides financial institutions in Puerto Rico's ATH network the ability to issue Discover cards for point-of-sale (POS) signature debit transactions. Such financial institutions will now be able to offer their customers personal identifiaction number (PIN)-based ATH debit cards with signature functionality via the Discover Network.

The agreement will effectively expand the use of such cards to POS terminals around the world where the Discover and Diners brands are accepted. Customers with Discover ATH cards will be able to use these cards to make online purchases, as well as payments at places where PIN debit transactions are typically not an option.

“As we continue to expand globally by partnering with key networks throughout the world, we look forward to welcoming ATH to the Discover family of networks and strengthening our presence in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean,” said Diane Offereins, EVP and President of Discover Payments Services.

“We believe that ATH financial institutions will see immediate, clear benefit from our compelling value proposition, card features and the flexibility the Discover Network provides.” Mike Vizcarrondo, EVP of EVERTEC, Inc. added, “we see Discover as a solid partner for not only growing the acceptance of our brand outside of our main markets, but also for offering more options to ATH member institutions.” EVERTEC owns and operates the ATH network, the leading debit payment and ATM network in Puerto Rico.


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