Tuesday, September 9, 2014

OFG’s Oriental Bank Expands Online and Mobile Capabilities


OFG Bancorp announced that its Oriental Bank subsidiary is launching People Pay, which allows clients to open accounts online. The new services, along with last year’s launch of the highly successful FOTOdepósito, are being backed by a $2 million advertising marketing campaign inviting consumers to "Live the Difference" (“Vive la diferencia”) at Oriental.
People Pay enables Oriental clients to send payments directly from their bank account to individuals in Puerto Rico or in the U. S. Mainland by simply entering the amount and the recipient’s mobile phone number or email address.

The recipient receives a message asking whether they want payment via electronic transfer to a bank or PayPal account or a mailed check. The funds are delivered accordingly.

Separately, Oriental is enabling customers to open additional accounts online without having to visit a branch, making it easier to manage and expand their banking relationship with Oriental.
“‘Vive la diferencia’ invites consumers to experience how Oriental is different from other banks,” said José Rafael Fernández, President and CEO of Oriental and OFG Bancorp.
The campaign will be seen across television, newspapers, billboards, digital and social media, and internal promotions and activations.

Oriental significantly expanded its Internet and mobile banking offerings last year with FOTOdepósito, which enables clients to deposit checks without charge using smartphones and tablets, and the “Freedom Account” (“Cuenta Libre” in Spanish), for customers who like to bank via mobile phone, tablet, web, debit / credit card, or ATMs, and want to avoid ATM fees.


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