Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Puerto Rico Comic Con celebrates 15th anniversary this weekend

In a few days, geek culture fans from far and wide will gather in Puerto Rico to celebrate this year's Puerto Rico Comic Con, the largest and most important entertainment show in the region. The event, which celebrates its 15th anniversary, will once again showcase the best of pop culture, including TV, film, videogames, collectibles, anime, cosplay, and more.

Puerto Rico Comic Con will be held this May 26 through 28 at the Puerto Rico Convention Center in the city of San Juan.

“This year’s entertainment value proposition is the most varied and complete yet," said Ricardo Carrion, executive producer of the event. "This is so chiefly because, for the past 15 years, our followers, exhibitors and industry professionals have given us the support and energy to continue growing and put on a world-class show. Because our priority is to please our fans, this year’s show will integrate new dimensions, all of which are geared at giving geeks of all ages an experience like no other,” he added.

New additions for 2017
  • Puerto Rico Comic Con Short Film Fest: This initiative promotes locally-produced and international short films, covering genres such as fantasy, sci-fi, horror, superhero, action, animation, film noir and others. The Fest stimulates the creative process in young people interested in film and is a platform to showcase projects from a new generation of local filmmakers.
  • World Cosplay Summit: For the first time ever in Puerto Rico, the island will have a Word Cosplay Summit regional final. The winning team will compete in the world finals in Nagoya, Japan, later in the summer, representing Puerto Rico among 80 competing nations. The regional final will take place on Saturday, May 27, during Puerto Rico Comic Con.
  • Writing contest. Vince Gerardis, a co-executive producer on the successful HBO television series “Game of Thrones,” will host the Island’s first screenwriting/storytelling contest. The winner will get a work contract for Gerardis’ company, Startling, Inc., and will get his or her work adapted for applicable media such as comic books, film, television, videogame, book, etc.
  • Convention exclusive novel: Puerto Rican illustrator José Vega and author Rodrigo Barasorda debut their illustrated fantasy novel, “Somnus”. This first chapter of the sci-fi saga will be available exclusively at Puerto Rico Comic Com.

A slew of special guests
As is the norm at Puerto Rico Comic Con, industry professionals from all areas of the entertainment spectrum will be there, including main players in the areas of film, TV, comics, videogames, animation and more. Among this year’s roster of special guests:

  • Frank Miller – Award-winning comic book and graphic novel creator, the main behind iconic titles such as Batman, Sin City, 300, Ronin, Elektra, Daredevil, Wolverine, and others. Miller is the event’s Guest of Honor.
  • Finn Jones – Lead actor of “Marvel’s Iron Fist” and “The Defenders”, both on Netflix. Jones is also known for his work as Loras Tyrell in “Game of Thrones,” HBO’s super successful series.
  • David Ramsey – Actor who portrays John Diggle in the TV series “Arrow,” as well as powerful performances in series such as Showtime’s “Dexter.”
  • Brianna Hildebrand – She is Negasonic Teenage Warhead from the box-office smash “Deadpool.”
  • Tara Strong – Voice actor that gives life to a multitude of characters from popular animated and videgame franchises, including “The Powerpuff Girls” and “Batman: Arkham,” among many others.
  • Reika – International cosplayer and model, who comes to the Island directly from Japan, birthplace of cosplay culture. Reika has almost half a million social media followers and is considered one of the industry’s most important cosplayers.

Other special guests include actors and industry professionals from the Star Wars saga and the Star Wars Rebels TV series, presented in Puerto Rico Comic Con buy local retailer Toys in the Attic. Among the guests are Taylor Gray, Orli Shoshan, Nalini Krishan, Mike Edmonds, and Nick Maley.

Something for everyone
True to its commitment to supporting the local scene, Puerto Rico Comic Con 2017 will feature hundreds of local exhibitors and dozens upon dozens of local artists who look to the event to showcase their work. Add to this any number of international retailers, who come to Puerto Rico to explore opportunities in the local market. It is here where fans can satisfy their thirst for collectible items.

“This year’s show is a celebration of the successes and milestones the together we – fans, sponsors, exhibitors, partners, etc. – have achieved over the years,” said Carrion.
With its proven track record, there is no doubt that Puerto Rico Comic Con has set the standard as the local industry’s main entertainment event, a pioneering leader that has put the geek scene front and center in Puerto Rico, and that has also been a crucible of local talent.


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