Friday, August 22, 2014

The Mall of San Juan Donates Computers to Local School

The Mall of San Juan, currently under construction, donated 75 laptop computers to neighboring Escuela Dr. Cesáreo Rosa Nieves today in a brief ceremony that took place at the school.

“The laptops are on three wheeled carts that can easily be moved from classroom to classroom”, said Manuel Vázquez, General Manager of The Mall of San Juan. “This way, three different classes can use the equipment at any given time to get the maximum benefit. We are thrilled to make this donation to the school and to see the excited faces of the students”.

“We are very excited to start using these new laptops and incorporate them into our classes”, said Luis Tirado, Director, Dr. Cesáreo Rosa Nieves School. “It is important for the children to work with computers and feel comfortable with them for future education and employment opportunities. We are very grateful for this gift today”.

The ceremony concluded with the unveiling of the three laptop carts festively wrapped in big red bows. The Mall of San Juan also collaborated with the neighboring elementary school of Las Virtudes with the donation of backpacks for all their students.


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