Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Body Shop Launches in Puerto Rico at Sears

For the first time ever, The Body Shop, the beauty brand with over 2,700 stores in 63 markets worldwide, has made its debut in Sears department stores throughout Puerto Rico. The Body Shop launched four shop-in-shop stores within Sears whose position as a beauty retailer in Puerto Rico made it the ideal partner for this venture, according to the company. The first four locations opened in Plaza las Americas, Mayaguez, Ponce and Hatillo."While we haven't had an in-market presence until now, we're proud to say that we've been in demand in Puerto Rico for some time," said Alfred Montalvo, Sr. Director, New Sales and Emerging Channels at The Body Shop. "Consumers across the island have loved our products for years, and we're now thrilled to call this wonderful place home, bringing The Body Shop's first shop-in-shop stores to local Sears department stores throughout Puerto Rico."
"Adding the unique selection of innovative bath and body products to our current prestige cosmetics and fragrance department is an honor," said Michele Kirschner, Regional Business Manager, Sears de Puerto Rico. "We have been looking to integrate The Body Shop into our business model for many years now. The Body Shop will help us to continue to offer the Sears customer unique products of excellent quality and with strong community values."
The four shop-in-shop locations in Sears feature the new Pulse concept from The Body Shop, where the company attempts to create a memorable shopping experience that engages, educates and informs. The new Pulse concept stores center focus on demonstration and on "bringing beauty and the community together." With the brand's five values integrated into the core design, The Body Shop boutique-style Pulse stores seeks to create a warm, welcoming space for its customers.
Elements of The Body Shop Pulse concept include:
Story Selling Tables In the middle of each Pulse boutique there are twin tables with products displaying the finest products that encourage the customer to interact, experiment and try new looks.
Quality ingredients The finest ingredients are the best that nature has to offer and come from all four corners of the globe. Rich, pure and lovingly harvested, it's thanks to the ingredients that The Body Shop products are so amazing. Best of all, the Community Fair Trade partnerships that provide the ingredients positively impact over 300,000 people all around the world.
Wood for Good. The Body Shop is using Forest Stewardship Council wood throughout the store. In other words, the wood is responsibly sourced. The Body Shop is also going Wood Positive with its paper and cardboard-based packaging. This means it plants more trees than it uses to create the packaging in the first place.
Shopping cart The Body Shop antique-style shopping carts are replicas of those found in traditional French marketplaces, highlighting products in a "rustic-chic" manner.
The Body Shop International has over 2,700 stores in over 63 markets worldwide.


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