Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Foundation for Puerto Rico opens Colaboratorio in Santurce

Founder and chairman of the board of directors of Foundation for Puerto Rico (FPR), Jon Borschow, announced the opening of the Colaboratorio, an innovative collaborative space that will serve to advance the transformation of Puerto Rico. "In this historical moment, collaboration between all sectors, promoted by the third sector will be the engine of economic development for our country," he explained.

FPR developed the Colaboratorio as part of its mission to serve as the catalyst for the economic and social transformation of the Island. The space is home to FPR and hosts other nonprofit organizations whose purposes advance the goal of promoting economic and social development of Puerto Rico. It promotes the exchange of ideas and resources to strengthen all organizations that, along with FPR, decided to show that the third sector can boost their projects innovatively when they have the necessary resources.

"The Colaboratorio is our mission turned into a tangible space; a great place where various initiatives converge to work for Puerto Rico," added Borschow. "Working for Puerto Rico takes more than having the technology and physical resources, it requires us to be innovative in everything we do and to look beyond our borders, recognizing the opportunities out there for us to be known and bring home that much needed capital," he said.

The Colaboratorio has over 8,700 square feet, state-of-the-art technology and a design to match any world-class shared space. The facilities house FPR and eight other organizations:

"They say that out of crises the best ideas arise. In Foundation for Puerto Rico we take that a step further – we connect people who want to make a change, put those ideas to work, and we have now built them a home where they can be developed and reach their full potential to help Puerto Rico emerge and integrate to the global economy and to the 21st century," concluded Borschow.


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